Most of us know Hypnosis from Hollywood movies, that’s why all sorts of strange myths are surrounding the subject of hypnosis Take this short TRUE or FALSE quiz to see if you believe in hypnosis or maybe it’s just one of many myths. You may well be surprised at what you learn, from this quiz! See the answers below the quiz.

1 Hypnosis is a paranormal or supernatural phenomenon?

2 Hypnosis is a natural state of mind ?

3 A hypnotized person has weak will power ?

4 Hypnotized people reveal their secrets?

5 You can be made to do something against your will ?

6 People can get stuck in Hypnosis never to wake up?

7 I will remember nothing of what is said while I am in Hypnosis?

8 Certain personality types are more easily hypnotized than others?

9 Hypnosis can enable people to perform seemingly impossible feats of strength and endurance?

10 Hypnosis is neither dangerous nor unpredictable ?

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